Don’t Throw Your Chickpea Brine, It’s The Perfect Egg Replacement

Many vegans have just accepted the fact that they will never taste a meringue or a pavlova again. And as for waffles – no chance. That is – until now. In this article you can read about the new vegan egg white.

This amazing substitute was discovered by French chef Joël Roessel but the term was coined by an American software engineer named Goose Wohlt, who posted on facebook that if you mixed together one can of chick pea brine with half a can of sugar and whipped it, then you would have what looks like stiffly beaten egg whites and can be used wherever you may use the original product. Wohlt said that when whipped the brine contained all the properties of egg white and soon afterwards he invented the name ‘aquafaba’ which means ‘water’ and ‘beans’.

It’s still unclear why chickpea brine is a great egg white replacement. However, we’re pretty sure vegans everywhere don’t mind and are celebrating for this discovery.

Meringur Collage

Mary Valle, a Guardian author, tried to make some dishes using this, and was absolutely amazed at the results which in some cases were better than using eggs! Zucchini fritters, banana muffins, chocolate mousse all turned out wonderfully, but she said that she had the most success with waffles which turned out better than they had ever made before!

Below are some links to recipes that you may want to try using aquafaba as egg white replacement:

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