Everything You’ve Heard About German Supermarket Chain Veganz’s Opening Their First Store In Portland Is WRONG

If you are of the opinion that there will be yet another Vegan store opened in Portland you would be wrong. Food Fight was the first vegan store to open it’s doors and the owners of Veganz are at great pains to convince them that they are not a threat to their market.

In this article, we read that Veganz feels that the two companies will be able to work side by side for the furtherance of vegan products. The relationship could be mutually satisfying. She is adamant that Veganz will not be competing with Food Fight.

Michele Hengst of Veganz stated that the company is shifting their strategy to wholesale distribution as they simply cannot afford to open a store in every town. Instead of opening supermarkets they have developed their own line of plant based products which they hope to distribute to other stores such as Trader Joe’s and Costco. The idea of a physical store is now firmly on the back burner until at least 2017.

Hengst says that right now the company will focus on online supplies and wholesale distribution. When asked why she had chosen Portland for the headquarters she said that the place has the reputation for the most vegan friendly city in America and is similar in this respect to Berlin which is the home town of Veganz.

The company plans to hire 8 – 10 local residents to staff for the headquarters so if you dream of working at a vegan based operation, this is a good time to revamp your resume!

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